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Image of photographer holding brides dress

Meet Mia

I am a photo happy mom, children's book author, graphic designer, fitness and wine enthusiast with a passion for creating. My love of portrait photography combined with my background in visual communications/graphic design has brought me to you!  

Most of my life I've lived in Northeast PA.  I love a good road trip, but I have found some of the most beautiful places to explore are right in my back yard!  I enjoy taking in the sites with friends and family and even adapting some of the best spots into my own personal "studio" for sessions.  What exists in nature makes for spectacular images!  

A good picture tells a story, evokes a feeling, gives an insight and creates a memory.  I believe in the art and beauty of every day and my goal is to help you capture exactly that for years to come.  

(Learn more about Mia and find some great places to visit on her blog.)

Meet Mike

My husband, Mike, can often be found helping me carry equipment, helping test lighting and serving as a second shooter at weddings.   His easy going, social nature always makes clients and guests feel like they've known him forever.   He has an eye for positioning groups and he is my biggest resource for IT support.  He is a jack of all trades which comes in handy for everyone! 

When he's not assisting with photography or helping me manage my workflow, Mike enjoys woodworking, camping, making wine and laughing at the antics of our five dogs.  Mike is also the owner of McGlynn Works, LLC, an online shop for custom gifts & concealment units.

Image of male photographer carrying camera and bride's train.
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